Property Investment in South Australia

Another positive developement in Australia.

South Australian Property Council calls for `live in the city' bonus.

BIGGER grants should be available for first-home buyers who choose city apartments, the Property Council says.
In its pre-election platform, released today, the group has called for efforts to make city apartments more attractive to help the state meet its goal of 70 per cent urban infill.
Executive director Nathan Paine said changes to the State Government's affordability measures and more marketing support for high-rise buildings would benefit the entire city.
"I don't think there is any question that Adelaide is going through the same process Melbourne went through a few years ago," he said.
"Young people want to be in the city, they want to be close to the city, they want to walk to work, they want the lifestyle.
"More people living in the city means we will have a more vibrant and safer city, which will improve Adelaide for every South Australian."
The council's vision also calls for renewed investment in "thinking industries" such as renewable energy and biosciences and a renewed focus on making SA the destination of choice for migration.
"We are on the path to prosperity, and we will have population growth, regardless of what some people think. This is about making SA the best the state can be," he said.
The policy is aimed at three key areas - people, productivity and place - and calls on political parties for support or commitment in the lead-up to the March 20 state election.
It recommends greater focus on the attraction and retention of international students through a new taskforce to identify work and housing needs, but also pushes a new "student accommodation" planning definition against which councils should assess proposals. Another major thrust lies in boosting the attraction of multi-level residential developments through added marketing, changes to the concept of affordable housing to apply to transport-rich areas, and the consideration of first-home buyer stamp duty reductions.
"As our population booms, we will need to provide multi-level residential accommodation," Mr Paine said.


Brighton Beach - Adelaide

The question is WHEN? How soon?


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