Japanese Dining : Ninja Jones

This Japanese restaurant was recommended by Agnes' colleague. We were shopping at Mid Valley Megamall so we decided to try it. Located at Northpoint, Mid Valley City Kuala Lumpur this Japanese restaurant is not easy to find. We had to go to the infomation counter for directions. After crossing a sky bridge and descending escalator we found the restaurant. We were greeted by a friendly waitress. I did not go in right away but examined the menu. OK, prices are still within our means. So let's go enjoy our lunch.

First time here.. don't know what is good. So we just order what we feel like eating. For starters we ordered a dish called Ninja Harumaki. Quite tasty.. has soft shell crab and prawn.

Agnes ordered.. Teriyaki Chicken & Tempura set (only RM28). This set comes with salad and cawamushi which is not in the picture. Already in our "perut".

My order.. Stone grilled Wahgyu beef. Absolutely delicious. The meat is more tender than Agnes' teriyaki chicken and a lot juicier. Almost like melting in my mouth. Wish I could eat another serving of this but alas i do not want to live beyond my means.

We found a Ninja in the restaurant. He was armed with a katana.

Luckily this is a friendly Ninja.
Later he showed us his favorite weapon. The Shuriken.
Will definitely come back here for the food. And to try the rest of the offerings (especially sashimi) on the menu. Also to chat with our Ninja friend and learn more of their arts.

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