Gated and Guarded Neighbourhood

Is it safer? With crime rates and security issues on the rise in Malaysia, the trend today is for homeowner to opt for a gated and guarded neighbourhood. Property with gated and guarded features are selling well.

My minimum requirement for a G&G neighbourhood is :

1) Guard house at the entrances. Owner will have access card. Visitor entry will be recorded.

2) Perimeter fencing

3) Patrolling guards 24/7

4) Alarm system in every house, preferably linked to a Control Room.

No doubt with all the features above, security will be greatly enhanced. However it does not mean that G&G neighbourhoods are crime free. I noticed quite a number of houses at my G&G neighbourhood do not have grille on their doors and windows. And some residents just leave their gates and doors open during the day. I feel they have taken security here for granted. They have let their guard down because it is a G&G neighbourhood. This is dangerous as I think the “people” factor is still a concern. The system works fine with perimeter fencing, alarm and all. Security guards are the weakest link here. Quality security guards are hard to come by and expensive. So, many security companies resort to hiring cheap and low quality ones. For example, at the entrance all visitors have to register. It takes discipline to ensure this happens and I noticed this is not happening 100%. Another example, guards are supposed to patrol the perimeter every 2 hours. This is not happening 100% either. Couple of times alarm went off but we do not see the guards responding urgently. On a broader perspective, we often hear break ins are linked back to the security guard (as they know your activities timing) tipping off their partners in crime. In conclusion, getting a reliable and reputable security company to manage a G&G neighbourhood is vital to a safer neighbourhood.

Yes, it is safer to live in G&G neighbourhood but do not let your guard down just yet.


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Jason Young said...

Due to demand, many developers are offering Gated & Guarded neighbourhoods. Be careful... many are sub standard.
Go for the reputable ones with good track record. Unless you want to take risk.