Setia Alam Property (2)

We went to Setia Alam Welcome Centre today. Did not see much crowd.. quiet, with only a handful of people. My first thoughts were that property here is expensive or the economy is still on the mend. As I walked across the sales gallery, I was surprised. Most of the properties for sale were taken up.
(1) Double storey terrace houses 20x65 with build up of 1,948 sq ft were all sold out. This range consists of 2 models which combined has over 100units. Selling price is from RM374k.
(2) Double storey terrace houses 30x55 with build up of 1,749 sq ft were all sold out. This range also consists of 2 models which combined has over 100units. Selling price is from RM398k.
(3) Double storey terrace houses 24x80 with build up of 2,741 sq ft were almost sold out. Selling price is from RM588k.
Prices are on the high side as compared to other location with the same build up. Yet people are buying.
(4) Double storey link semi D houses 34x75 with build up of 2,883 sq ft were the only range available with a chance to select your preferred unit. Selling price is from RM743k.
This success may be due to Setia Homeownership Package - The Best for the Best. Previously it was called 5/95. All buyer need to pay is the 5% deposit. Legal fee SPA, Legal fee Loan Agreement, Stamp Duty and progressive interest till completion will be borne by Setia. Buyer will start paying when his property is completed.

No wonder not much crowd at the sales gallery. Most of the properties available were all snapped up earlier. Now potential customer can register with Setia Alam and they will be notify when there are new launches.


House Sale by Owner said...

Very informative real estate blog. Thanks I have bookmarked this one.

Hialeah House said...

Real Estate Professionals will benefit greatly by building their business in 2010… I appreciate this post. Thanks

Jason Young said...

Setia Alam is shaping up quite nicely. Setia City Mall will be ready by end of 2011. Shopping!

Setia Alam said...

Setia Alam is a very nice place to stay, we have been here since last year and everything just goes fine. Love to be here:)

Jason Young said...

Thanks for sharing, SA. Setia Alam is blossoming in to a vibrant city.
Parkson, Harvey Norman, Daiso Japan, Padini Concept Store and Fitness First are all coming to Setia City Mall next year. Opening in May 2012.