Klang Sentral Bus Terminal

We just came back from Klang Sentral Bus Terminal. Got a bus ticket for my sister in law who is travelling south. My observation when I was there...

Parking was a breeze. Not many cars.
As we entered the main door, there is an information counter and Klang Sentral masterplan model. To my surprise, nobody was at the information counter. It was empty. I looked around for patrolling guards. None to be seen. All I wanted is to get direcetion to the ticket counters. Then near the escalator, I saw an A4 paper print out showing "Kaunter Tiket" with an arrow pointing upwards. No proper sign? I feel the ticket counters located on first floor is inconvenient. Upstairs, while searching for the right bus we found out that actually there are not many buses available. For instance, in a day only 2 trips available to some destinations. A far cry compared to Puduraya.

We got what we wanted and headed downstairs. I went to have a look at the Klang Sentral masterplan model. Its dirty and dusty. No maintenance work here. I took a glance at the information counter.. still empty. We walked around a bit. Quite a number of stores are vacant. There are even 2 stores, which we suspected have closed down due to lack of crowd in the bus terminal. I felt sorry for those store owners operating here. We noticed that the boarding platforms were empty. Not even a bus was in sight.

After a year in operation, nothing much has changed since the begining except for the run down state of the facility. I seriously wonder if Klang Sentral Bus Terminal can take off or will it become another white elephant. Looks like Klang Sentral developement is turning out to be a bad investment unless the Management has a sound gameplan in 2010.


Hallandale Homes said...

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Jason Young said...

This place still look the same when I visited 2 days ago. And it's coming to end April 2010. What's going to happen to it?