Running - Newbie Common Mistakes

Mistake: Too fast, too soon
Most first-time runners go out too fast and are miserable by the second mile. Even veteran runners get caught up in this enthusiasm.
Easy Fix: Start out at a comfortable pace, a pace where you're not killing yourself and can still converse with deep breaths in between sentences. No huffing and puffing. Then try to run each mile just a little bit faster, so that your last mile is the fastest. A strong finish leaves a better taste in your mouth than a great first mile with a cross-eyed finish.
Mistake: Too much food
Many first-timers eat too much before a race, particularly the night before. You don't need to carbo-load for a 5Km run. Most people have enough stored energy in their bodies to run a 5Km run without taking in any additional calories.
Easy Fix: Eat less than normal before the race. Try small meals the day before, and something as simple as a banana and a glass of skim milk on race morning. The key is choosing something easy to digest. Not meat and eggs, which your body has to work hard to break down.
Mistake: Too little warmup/cooldown
Your body needs to warm up properly before it can run well at the higher intensity required to race a 5Km. And a postrun cooldown helps you recover more quickly so that you'll feel better the day after the race.
Easy Fix: Include a 15-minute warmup before the race, and a 15-minute cooldown afterward. For both, mix walking and jogging to help ease into and out of your race pace.

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