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I'll never forget seeing my mother’s tears when my angry father kept on shouting. I just hid at the corner and did nothing. I have no idea of what was happening. As I was just a little kid, the anxiety and fear are overwhelming. Incidents like this happened almost every week… …
Why my parents always quarrel? How can I stop them from arguing? I wish they could spend more time to pamper me……

A new study conducted by researchers at the universities of Rochester, Syracuse and Notre Dame, confirmed that children upset by quarrelling parents tend to encounter problems at school, because they are unable to concentrate on allotted tasks, due to the children’s concerns about their parents’ relationship.
In time of stress, we really need to figure out how to handle our emotions carefully to avoid argument especially in front of our children. Efforts to identify and navigate around the notorious argument trigger zones within daily family life are important.

Below are the Tips to the Happy Family path taken from
Article Source: Adwina D. Jackson
Who doesn’t want a happy family? Everyone is longing for that, beyond anything. Yet, there are some who fail during the process. However, those who fail must have missed these tips—the quickest ways possible to maintain a happy family—:

• Mom-Dad relationship
Mom, Dad, it all starts with you. Yes, the central point of a happy family is in the relationship between mother and father, husband and wife. So, if you plan to live a happy life with your family, try to ensure that you have a beautiful connection with your spouse.

• Bring laughter to your family
Spend more time with your kids. Get them to play with you, watch funny children movies, or simply tickle each other. Laughter is a great way to create connection among family members. Do you know that a family spending cheerful and quality time together helps lessen possibility of needless conflicts?

• Avoid financial problems
Try very hard not to cause your family suffer from any financial issue. Balance the income and expense. If the income is less than the expense, then no argue about it. Instead, find ways or solution to solve the problem. Arguing is getting you nowhere. It even might cause another problem with your children.

• Raise your children happily
Don’t ever think that the children are a burden. Yes, it’s true that they are your responsibility. But, they are not a burden. They are a blessing. There are many couples out there dying to have children of their own. And, it is not wise to look at your children as a burden. To have happy children, you must raise them in a happy way.

• Focus on your blessings
In this life, it is impossible that you, or you family, have no misfortune. Yet, why should you focus on that? Instead, why don’t you concentrate on your blessings? It is easier if you wish a happy life, a happy family. Encourage all members of your family to be thankful for what they have. As a result, everyone will be happy.

Isn’t it easy having a happy family? So, what’s the waiting for? Start now, for your happy lovely family!

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