Power Up Your Life With Positive Thinking

Boost Your Positive Thinking!

Always use positive words while thinking and talking. Use words such as, “I can”, “I am able”, “it is possible”, “it can be done”, etc. Say them over and over again until your mind accepts them and you believe what you are saying.

Before starting with any plan or action, visualize clearly in your mind its successful outcome.

Allow into your conscious mind only feelings of happiness, strength and success.

Try to ignore negative thoughts. Refuse to think them, and substitute them with constructive happy thoughts as often as they come.

Disregard any feelings of laziness or a desire to quit. If you persevere, you will transform the way your mind thinks.

Associate yourself with people who think positively.

Read at least one page of an inspiring book every day, or watch movies that inspire you to go further, reach higher or become a better person.

Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.

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Quotes on Positive Thinking by Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan.


Kimmy said...

Wonderful reads like The Secret and The Power of the Subconscious Mind are great testaments to positive thinking coupled with an action plan.
It is like Henry Ford once said:
Whether you think you can or think you cannot you're probably right, cheers!

Jason Young said...

Kimmy, i have not read this book and do agree that positive thinking has to be coupled with an action plan. Start with a positive thought.. then if you think you can, you have to work for it to happen. Keep positive all the way and you will succeed ultimately. Appreciate your comment, cheers too!