Young Neighbourhood - Google Pagerank 1

I was informed by a fellow blogger that Google has updated the Pagerank recently. I think the exact date is on 3rd April 2010. Everyone seemed so excited except me. This is because I know my blog is new and won’t be ranked until after 6 months (at least).

As I was checking the new Pagerank of my friends’ blogs, I said to myself.. “Why not check for your own blog? Just type the URL.. won’t take even 10 seconds. No harm.” So I typed in my blog address. To my surprise, my blog has already been ranked by Google. Woohoo! It’s now on Pagerank 1. Well, I know 1 is not exactly a great number for Pagerank but it's a start. Also, I can't help it but to display that ranking at the bottom right of my blog. Hahaha. Just sharing my happiness :)



Inspirations Unlimited said...

Nice! Congratulations to you!

I hope I could get ranked soon too! :)

Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said... i need to get some viewers myself! Haha! Congrats!

Pat said...

Congrats!!! I am still on waiting list...hope even I will get soon.

Xaivier said...

This is a good beginning when Google start rank your site. Congratulation.

Mark @ Secrets of Success said...


That's good news! Congratulations!
I'm happy for you... and I envy you! :-)

Well, I guess I have to do some work to be able to make it during the next update to Google pageranks.

Btw, I've just stated following you on twitter. I'll see you around every now and then.


Jason Young said...

Erickson, Johnny, Pat, Xaivier and Mark thank you all for dropping by and your words of encouragement. Cheers.

Kimmy said...

Congrats on your new status! You should not feel like you have to hide it, I have displayed mine front and center for the world to see, I am most proud of my ranking of 3! :-)
Have a fantastic Friday, cheers!

Jason Young said...

Thanks Kimmy, I just visited your blog. I must say its really fashionable and stylish. Love your contents too. And I can clearly see your pagerank! Great job at achieving PR3.

gabriele said...

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Thank you for sharing.

Jason Young said...

Gabriele, agreed that there are many ways to get traffic and earn money online. And there is no shortcut... effort required.

Hely said...

This is really impressive. Hope you keep the good job going!

Tasleem Ahmad said...