Robot can help clean, sweep, vacuum and disinfect your home floor

We bought a “floor cleaning robot” during a Modern Home Fair in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. My initial perception was… so expensive! Costs RM1,388 for a broom? However after using it for more than a year, I find this robot really useful. Not only does it clean, sweep and vacuum, it also disinfect the floor with UV nanotech Light. And best of all, everything is automated. Just switch it on and it will do the rest. After finishing the job, it will automatically go back to its base to charge. We will switch it on and go out for dinner or shopping. When we come back, it would have cleaned the floor and gone back to its base and charging. It’s so convenient. And its maintenance free.

What about quality of the cleaning? Better than your maid, I dare say. For long term, the price is really reasonable as compared to hiring cleaners to do the job.

The robot’s name is Picabot. Google it!

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Ahsan said...

now a days Robot can do everything. Even in this year we shall see Robot World Cup Footrball

Jason Young said...

Engaging the services of robot will soon be a part of life. And yeah looking forward to World Cup in June.